AFIMO HK LIMITED was set up in Hong Kong in 2009 in order to provide services in areas of photovoltaic and LED technology. We act as a distributor of those components worldwide, focusing on Africa and Asia, including Far and Middle Eastern markets, and have a close relationship with European companies. Some of our work can be found on this website under “References”. Being based in Hong Kong enables us to control the quality of both the components and the transactions.
In 2010, the company has widened its product portfolio with a range of LED products which is aimed at large private consumers as well as public entities.

Our customers come from numerous corners of the world with various needs. We co-operate with customers to bring highly customized projects to reality. Those require major focus on environmental, social and economic factors surrounding the projects. This maintains the quality and efficiency of our products. Our specialization is the creation of projects the aim of which is to optimize production and consumption of electricity together with energy storage. 

Our products are protected by AFIMO® trade mark. Our mantra is emphasis on high quality. Thus, the control of production and distribution is strict. Furthermore, our products comply with European regulations and hold certificates such as TÜV, RoHS, CE, VDE, UL and ISO.